Career And Franchise

Scope for starting distributorship:

Return on investment of Rs 65,000/- for Area Distributor 

(Money Back within 1 / 2 Months)

Area Distributor income per month on Turn Over

Per piece Rs 12/- for area distributor

Appointing of Sales Executive =) Salary Rs 15,000/- ( Target- 10 shops per day )

Sales Executives =) salary Rs 15,000/- plus Travelling allowance

Estimated Sales every month :-  300 shops >< 10 = 3000 Pkts/nos/chips.

In worst situation sales at aleast 50% of the expectation.

On introducing at least 10 Shops per day will generate an additional business of (10 shops x 10 pkts = 100 pkts per day)

There is Scope of increasing income to a very good extent by adding shops selling our products.

You can also earn long term Business incentives by referring shops to sell our products

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